Delightful Doggies specializes in helping dogs with fear, anxiety, reactivity, over arousal and aggression.

We offer a full line of services to meet your needs, from day training working one-on-one with your dog while you’re busy to private instruction to coach you on proven gentle, effective techniques to teach your dog everything from basic obedience and manners to how to be more calm and confident. Whether you just got a new puppy or adult rescue dog, or you have an “out-of-control” terror, we can meet your needs!

Positive dog training focused on helping dogs gain confidence and make the right choices!

BestLakewoodColoradoDogTrainersOur commitment to continuing education means you’re hiring experts who are dedicated to understanding and applying the most current, scientifically proven methods and tools in the dog training world. We never stop learning so that we can provide the best level of service and expertise to all our clients.

In-between session support is included in all our package pricing–we don’t charge extra for ensuring your success–and we provide many resources and value-added services to all our clients. We are fully committed to ensuring your success!

We service central and southwest Denver areas, including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Englewood and Littleton, as well as select parts of Golden, Centennial, Greenwood Village and Morrison. If we cannot help you, we are happy to help you find qualified help as we network heavily and know many other amazing training and behavior consultants to which we can refer.

Bridging the Mind and Body for a Calm, Confident Dog:
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) &
Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner (CA Practitioner 1)

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What people are saying:

“Laura and Courtney are a wonderful duo! Following a customized training plan, I saw changes in my dog’s behavior that I previously would have said were impossible.” – Amy S.

“We learned so much from them, from great training techniques to different forms of TTouch to relax and ground our dog, all of which helped bring him down a notch. I told them they were life altering, and I really meant it! They have helped us to better understand our dog and not be stressed when he is around other dogs and people.” – Heather K.


“Laura and Courtney are awesome. I have a rescued cattle dog mix which came from an abusive home needless to say, he has several issues as a result of the time he spent in such an environment. Laura and Courtney were very patient and caring and extremely accessible.” – Zack K.

“Laura and Courtney are amazing, fun loving and patient people who genuinely care about their clients. Our dog Strider had anxiety and behavior issues and had previously attacked our smaller dog in a panic. With their help, they are relaxed around each other and cuddle together again!” – Ryland E.

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Delightful Doggies | 303-550-5652 | laura@delightfuldoggies.com

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