Cain the husky needs a new home

Are you looking for a young, rambunctious guy who will keep you active and fit?

Do you go hiking and love the outdoors?

Do you have another dog who would love having a brother?Cain

Cain has a lot of love to give, and he needs a lot in return. If you’re looking for a loyal mate, he just may be the dog-man for you!

We are helping rehome one of our favorite clients, Cain the husky. He will be a year old in August, and he is a very fun-loving and intelligent guy. He needs a guardian who has lots of time and energy to put into him to make him the awesome dog he can be! He’d also probably do well in a home with another dog, as well as a house that has a nice yard to run in. Cain needs lots of running! He also really loves digging and needs a lot of mental outlets because if he doesn’t get enough enrichment, he can be a little creative in ways that aren’t always appreciated by humans.😉

If I could take Cain into my home, I would. He and my dog Jasper really love each other, but I have two other dogs that wouldn’t mix well, and three is my limit! Courtney and I are offering TWO FREE TRAINING SESSIONS ($370 value) to his new home to ensure success. He may very well need more training but this will give us a good start for sure.

If you are interested in Cain, please email me at to get an application. Once it is received, we can review it and set up meet & greets.

Thank you! And please feel free to share this post and others on our social networks!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

June 2016 clients

We saw more dogs this month than in any other month we’ve had of training so far! It’s been exhilarating. We’re also very tired!😉 This wonderful success couldn’t happen without the support of those of us out there who believe in us: clients, friends, colleagues, fellow industry professionals…we appreciate all of you so much!

You can click on the photo icons below to view all the photo moments we have to share from June. If you click on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon), you can view them in a fun slideshow format. You can also LIKE and follow our Facebook page to see even more photos of client dogs, great articles, news items and blog posts as they’re posted, so we hope you’ll interact with us there!

Mia Gracie and Addi Ollie and Dryden Carter Harley Ginger Addie Emma Sasha Toby Oli Mala Jake Huxley Flynn Maia and Callisto Cain Roxy Kora Nala, Indy and Ryder Tabetha, Lily and Gigi Danny and Luna Taylor Woodsley Armina Dixie Kona Sammy Mochi Quinn Morty Harley

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Elsa the white Swiss shepherd!

Thank you, and happy training!

Client spotlight: Mia the Aussie mix

Congratulations to our June client spotlight, Mia the Aussie mix!


Mia chills in her yard

Mia was a love-at-first-sight puppy. Her parents, who regularly foster puppies and kittens from the Denver Dumb Friends League, saw her one day when they were coming through for other little ones, and couldn’t resist taking her home to be a permanent part of their family! Mia was one of a litter of pups, and was the runt. She got picked on a bit by her siblings so that is why she was in her own little office at the DDFL.:)

Since Mia had no other reference for playing with other pups, she was a bit rough with the other foster puppies her new parents had in their care. We got her into a wonderful Noble Beast Dog Training Playful Pup Socialization Class right away, in conjunction with the private Puppy Preschool training we were doing in the home with them. After a few weeks of going into time-outs as needed for inappropriate play, she has mastered what works and is learning how to better understand other pups’ language to her for proper play. Now she is the star of the class, playing wonderfully and appropriately with others!

Mia is also learning a lot about how to sit and lie down and wait for a release, and she loves hand targeting. Her parents can’t wait to start on leash skills this week. Mia is a lucky girl who is getting all the best to ensure she grows up to be a lovely family dog.

Thank you to Mia and her parents and big sister for giving us the pleasure to work with them and have lots of fun doing it! We are also very grateful to them for doing their part to help all the puppies and kittens they take into foster care. We love working with you and are so proud of what you do!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Nosework: AWESOME and easy enrichment!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE enrichment games with dogs. One of my favorites is nosework; I have been taking nosework with one of my dogs for more than a year, and just started with another. While I’m not a certified nosework instructor through NACSW, I am able to share with you how to do simple nosework with boxes finding food. Check it out!

I’m also happy to provide referrals for group nosework classes with certified instructors should you want to get more involved in this awesome sport.

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

May 2016 clients

May was simply amazing. It went by in a flash, and we welcomed many new clients. It’s hard to believe how many of you we visited! We were certainly busy, and enjoyed seeing how much progress so many of you made this month. Thank you for choosing us for your dog training and behavior needs!

Clicking on the icons below will take you to all the photo moments we have to share from May; you can view them in a fun slideshow format by clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). There are even more photos and slideshows on our Flickr feed, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page, so be sure to join us there too.

Danny Luna Zoey Sasha Mia Olaf Kona Oli Harley Ginger Winston Nina Emma and Addie Roxy Peluches and Miller Lola and Suzy Dryden and Ollie Mala Mia Mooney Toby Chauncey Z Huxley Flynn Lily, Tabitha and Gigi Mochalatte Jake Carter Cain Gracie

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Elsa the white Swiss shepherd!

Thank you, and happy training!

Client spotlight: Danny and Luna

Congratulations to our May client spotlight, Danny and Luna the German Shepherd Dogs!

Danny and Luna

Danny and Luna say hello!

Danny and Luna are both rescues who have their own separate training needs. Both were originally found as strays, so little is known about what happened to them before they were taken into rescue, but both have struggled with anxiety.

Their parents have always been dedicated to their training and behavior needs. While Luna is still struggling with being alone, having Danny has helped, and Danny has developed more independence in the time we’ve been working with them. None of these improvements would have happened without their parents’ diligence, understanding and love!

Both dogs have loved learning about nosework, and are now working on their excitement on leash. Danny sometimes gets a bit too zealous in his play with other dogs, so we have also been working on being calm for greetings.

The love in this family is so inspiring we just had to make them our client spotlight for this month. Our job and all our clients are awesome; when we have clients who have been going above and beyond, and have had such tremendous patience and resilience to what life has thrown at them, we have to take note. Our deepest love and gratitude go out to Danny and Luna, and their parents. Thank you for enlisting our help in your journey!

Happy Training,

Misconceptions and proper help for fearful and reactive dogs

A great deal of my business centers around dogs who are fearful, and therefore reactive or possibly aggressive. Some express their fear through barking and lunging, or even growling and snapping or worse. Others appear more typical for what people would expect out of a fearful dog: cowering, turning their head or body away, or trying to hide, for example.

While it’s true that fearful dogs are likely to cower and try to get away (the “flight” response), the “fight” response dogs are often labeled as aggressive or corrected for what they do. They’re “bad;” they act inappropriately through their lunging, barking, baring of teeth and more. These dogs tend to embarrass their owners more, and the scene they cause can make people think they are in need of a good, firm hand.

In my experience, these dogs that are on the offense are doing so because it is the best DEFENSE. It is a great way to make space, and it usually works, as people or others are more likely to move away when a dog is offering such behaviors, and it is therefore reinforced.

A lot of clients with these dogs try different approaches to solve the problem. They may pull at their dog, or give a leash correction, or they may try to hold or restrain their dogs, adding to the tension. These methods may work to repress a behavior for the immediate short-term, but they are not going to give the dog what he needs to truly resolve the problem for the long-term. Others may ask for too much self-control, like sitting and looking at them. While admirable, the dog is not in a thinking state of mind to be able to comply, and it only adds to the frustration and stress for both the owner and dog.

Clients will give me a puzzled look when one of my first pieces of homework for these dogs is to get a very high-value food (real people foods like bits of deli or boiled meat without additives/flavors, cheese, etc., tend to be most economical and effective) whenever the dog notices the other person, dog, etc., (the “trigger” for the “bad” behavior). I tell them to be generous and do it as SOON as the dog notices the trigger.

“But even if he’s barking?”

“Yes, even if he’s barking.”

Of course, the end game is to end the barking or lunging or whatever is happening, but the crucial part in the beginning is to make these triggers THE BEST THINGS EVER. I always want clients to make space to keep the dog in a place where he is less likely to react, and that is what we always work toward, but in the beginning, I want these dogs to “snap out” of their emotional responses. If it rains hot dogs every time a dog sees that other dog, then he’s going to start seeing dogs as something very wonderful, and will associate this if the client is very committed to the technique.

I also explain this in a way that is hopefully easier for humans to understand: If you are afraid of snakes, for instance—someone pushing you into a pile of them to just “get over it” usually doesn’t work, and makes you more stressed and actually makes your fear stronger. We want to try and keep distance and make things easier for the dog. This may mean taking shorter walks in less popular areas to lessen the chance of encounters as opposed to going to Wash Park on a weekend, or it may mean walking away as needed to help give the dog more space before he feels the need to react in the way we don’t want him to. Or it may mean limiting his ability to go outside and bark at the fence, or placing a curtain or other visual barrier at a window, and so forth. This will ensure he doesn’t get more practice reacting wherever he is likely to react.

Then, if we expose the dog to these triggers gradually, and make them very valuable, we are going to lessen stress and set up the dog—and person—for success.

Jackson LAT

Jackson (R) is getting meatballs for being calm around Hidalgo during a training session. This means Jackson REALLY LOVES seeing other dogs, and can offer this calmness.

“Oh Benji, see that dog over there?” (Benji looks over at the trigger as you look over at the trigger. Then feed food continuously as he looks at the trigger. Trigger goes away = food ends. Repeat many times.) When that stranger, other dog, or whatever goes away, the hot dogs go away, which is so sad!:)

Even if the dog reacts, if I go a little over threshold, I will feed. I may try to turn and run away with the dog in a light-hearted way and then feed for him moving away, or sometimes I will drop treats on the ground as I’m moving away to have the dog find the food by sniffing it out. This can interrupt and stop the behavior, give him a way to hopefully calm himself as sniffing can help dogs calm down, and will help him feel better about what has happened—instead of giving a jerk on the leash which can make him feel worse. Making space to ensure the behavior doesn’t happen is very important, but if I flub up, I want the dog to have a positive experience, and hopefully refocus on me by following a treat line away from the trigger.

With these kinds of dogs, the key is ALWAYS addressing the emotional state first. By doing this, we can help the dog calm down, and then learn what is appropriate. Being mindful of the threshold and level of stress is also key. Going over threshold every time will certainly not help either, which is why getting training help is so crucial for owners to have success.

So please, don’t think that when your dog is afraid of something, or doing something “bad” that it is because he is needing “correction.” Very likely the dog just needs a good plan to make that thing the best thing in the world, and once that is the case, he can give you his best!

We highly recommend reaching out to us if you are experiencing problems with a reactive, fearful dog. We have a great track record for success, and would love to help you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

April 2016 clients

April has been filled with sun and snow, and it’s pretty unbelievable that May is right around the corner. We’ve had a very fun month full of lots of learning, and are looking forward to a busy summer ahead. We anticipate booking up weeks in advance so please let us know right away if you are in need of services.

You can click on the below photos to see all the awesome clients we worked with this April; you can view them in a fun slideshow format by clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). There are even more photos and slideshows on our Flickr feed, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page, so be sure to join us there too.

Flick Roxy Hank (forefront) with his roomie, Piper Mia Peluches Ginger Harley Riley Lucy Beau Patches Z Chauncey Winston Nina Mala Dray Suzy Cocoa Sookie and Bowie Danny Luna Oli Mooney Dryden and Ollie <Sasha

Thank you, and happy training!

Client spotlight: Flick the mixed breed

Congratulations to our April client spotlight, Flick the mixed breed!

Flick takes a break with his bunny after another fun Day Training session

Flick takes a break with his bunny after another fun Day Training session

Flick has been a star student in our custom Day Training program, where he’s been working on impulse control exercises, loose leash walking skills, and come when called. He’s also learning how to deal with distractions by playing the Look At That game.

Flick is a very loving and enthusiastic student. Each session starts and ends with wonderful belly rubs and tug play. He loves tug, and does great at waiting until I allow him to take the toy, and drop it as I request. Sometimes I let him win so the game is always a fun time!

Day Training has been a great fit for Flick and his busy parents, who have already done a great job on teaching him many basics. We provide daily reports to all our Day Training clients, with resources that can help our clients continue the work on their own aside from the transfer sessions we provide.

Thank you, Flick, for being such a fun student, and to your parents for entrusting us with helping you further your training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

March 2016 clients

It’s hard to believe the end of March is just around the corner! It was a month filled with snow and sunshine, winter burgeoning into spring. We have had a blast working with everyone this month, and we’ve also been busy planning for our pending nonprofit endeavor as well. We are excited by how things are going, and can’t wait to announce more as we solidify our plans and the process for filing for 501(c)3. March has been busy and wonderful!

Click on the below photos for our March Flickr client photo album. You can also view the photos in a slideshow format after clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). You can also see more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page!

Hank Dray Gem Cocoa Waco Flick Mala Danny and Luna Lola Roscoe Lola and Suzy Harley Zoe Lucy Watson Mooney Amica Nina and Winston Chauncey and Z Roxy Riley Dryden Ollie Minnie, Duncan and Aoife Beau

Thank you, and happy training!


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