Save a life – adopt

The holidays are approaching, which means there are many people out there contemplating buying a new pet for their family. Holidays are a time when many will go to the pet stores in search of a puppy.

Consumer beware–many stores are supplied by puppy mills, where animals are raised in less-than-ideal conditions, meaning their health and well-being is compromised. By buying these puppies, you are supporting a system of cruelty, not to mention incurring vet bills and possible behavioral issues.

Delightful Doggies advocates for ADOPTION. Each year, millions of animals are euthanized simply because they are homeless and our shelters are overcrowded. This is a tragedy and we want to advocate for these animals.

Please consider adoption of a shelter animal this holiday season; you will make such a huge difference for that animal! All of my pets are adopted and they’re the best animals ever. Besides the awesomeness of the pet you’ll get, you get a lot of other benefits, too:

  • Shelters usually know a lot about the animals they have and make proper matches based on this knowledge and what you’re looking for; you will find the best match possible!
  • Your pet will already be spayed/neutered (also very important for controlling the population and needless death), microchipped (great for safety) and have initial vaccinations.
  • You’ll feel good: you’ll feel great about saving a life, you will have an exercise buddy, and a stress reliever from all that exercise and unconditional love he provides!
  • You’ll feel like a hero, having saved a life. If you adopt from a no-kill shelter/rescue, you’ll save two, since you’ll be opening a spot for someone else who needs help.

Convinced? If you are ready to find that new furry love of your life but not sure where to start, consider visiting The Shelter Pet Project‘s site. You will be able to enter your zip code and find adoptable shelter pets in your area!

Thanks for looking out for the good of the animals, and have safe, happy holidays!
Delightful Doggies owner

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