Why Delightful Doggies?

I wanted to take a minute and write a bit about the reason I started Delightful Doggies, our philosophy and goals, and why you should consider hiring Delightful Doggies.

There are lots of options for consumers when it comes to their pets, from obtaining them to caring for them to making decisions on their behalf that can alter their worlds tremendously; we have a lot of power and responsibility when we invite animals into our lives. I started Delightful Doggies because first and foremost, I love animals. From a very young age I was drawn to any kind of animal that was around, be it a horse or pig on my uncle’s farm or a hunting beagle who lost its way and showed up at our house, where we would call the number on his tag so he could be reunited with his owner.

Laura and a CHAMPS dog, Ready. Ready was successfully adopted!

I also have a tremendous drive to try and make an impact in the well-being of animals’ lives. My journey in discovering what I should do began when I officially joined the volunteer fold at MaxFund in October of 2010. Walking dogs who couldn’t wait to get out of their kennels, stroking cats who couldn’t wait to sit in a lap, these things showed me how much need there is. When I started doing their CHAMPS program in the summer, I became very inspired to work towards becoming a dog trainer. The CHAMPS program at MaxFund meets on a weekly basis during the spring, summer and fall months to work one-on-one with a dog in need of obedience training to provide this basic need that can hopefully mean lifetime adoption for the dog.

And so, I began the process of finding the right training for me to become a certified dog trainer, and the program I chose also offers veterinary assistant training. I decided to do both because health and behavior go hand-in-hand.

I quit my job doing business development and administrative work for a nonprofit to start working in dog daycares so I could gain even more experience and insight. I learned a lot through this process and gained a lot of confidence in myself, so I took the plunge and began developing Delightful Doggies so I could have the freedom to work for myself and try to lay a foundation for what will hopefully not only provide a means to a living, but to build bridges within the community to make a difference.

When you hire me, you are supporting my volunteerism and hopeful goals to make an impact in the lives of homeless animals. As Delightful Doggies grows, the capacity to help local rescues and shelters will increase.

When you hire me, you are realizing the importance of hiring a caring, professional adult to whom to entrust your pets. I am fully insured and bonded, and am pet first aid/CPR certified. I am fully committed to your pet’s health and well-being, and the professionalism of my services.

When you hire me, you are able to feel good about supporting my efforts to become a trainer who will not only work with you as a valued client, but will work with dogs that need second chances. It’s my aspiration to concentrate my dog training studies to be able to help rehabilitate dogs in shelters, to get them adopted, and to work with dogs in danger of being relinquished. I am in this to not only have a great time delivering great services to you and your pets, but to save lives.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post, check out my website and consider hiring me!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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