Delightful Doggies is now on YouTube & Yelp!

January’s launch has been a full-swing affair! I am so fortunate to have some awesome clients and want to thank everyone out there who has been finding me online, through MaxFund and by word-of-mouth.

Client referrals are an amazing source of business, and I’m really thankful for the awesome feedback Delightful Doggies has been receiving. It’s been a blast getting to know all my furry clients and their people, like the fantastic wirehair fox terrier duo, Nora & Mack, who are the stars of the first official Delightful Doggies YouTube video!

Yes, Delightful Doggies now has a YouTube channel, so please subscribe to see all the fun my clients are having.

Delightful Doggies is also now on Yelp!, where the positive reviews are flowing in.

Thanks to all of my clients for their support and well-wishes; I look forward continued growth and success with continuing and new clients. Contact me today to set up your free, no-obligation meet & greet session today!

Laura McGaughey
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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