Lost dog alert – Jade

UPDATE: Jade has been found! Thanks to all of those who helped search for her, and for the ladies who realized she was at the Aurora Animal Shelter!

At an adoption event yesterday, Jade slipped out of her harness in a Petco store on the border of Denver/Aurora off Havana Street. If you live nearby, please help us find her and keep an eye out! I wasn’t at the event but heard about what happened and wanted to get the word out using as many methods as possible, so please share this information so we can get her back, safe and sound!

  • She is a possible chihuahua/Pomeranian mix
  • She has a tag and is microchipped
  • She can be a little skittish, particularly around men. Lure her with treats (she especially likes wet food) or your own dog, as she does like other dogs and will approach them.
  • Very sweet and affectionate; likes being cuddled by people she connects with.
  • If found, please take her to the Petco or MaxFund. Contact number for MaxFund is 303-595-4917 so please call with any information you may have on her whereabouts, if you can’t catch her.

This calls for a training tip moment: When a dog is lose from you, remember to NEVER chase a dog. This causes it to turn into a playful game of “catch me if you can,” and will only make matters worse. The best options are to run away/try to get the dog to chase you, throw treats on the ground around you to attract the dog, or using other methods of luring by using things the dog likes. Be upbeat and positive–it’s never good for you to be frustrated or allow situations to turn negative when doing any kind of dog training! Dogs can pick up on that energy and it works against your ultimate goals.

Thank you for reading, sharing this and looking for Ms. Jade. I hope she is found quickly and I’ll post a comment to this blog with any updates.

Owner, Delightful Doggies

One thought on “Lost dog alert – Jade

  1. Jade has been spotted at a complex at Iowa and Emporia, and a nearby church. Volunteers have been scouring for her and posting flyers all around the neighborhoods. If you see Jade, please DO NOT CHASE HER. Try to lure her gently and contact MaxFund. Volunteers have humane traps and are leaving out crates, blankets and food for her. Hopefully she will be safe before the snow hits Denver!

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