Client Spotlight: Lucy the Collie


Lucy is a five-year-old collie who was adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League, proving once more that awesome shelter animals make for wonderful, loving, life-long additions to the family! She is a regular drop-in client since our launch in January of this year, going for walks and getting fed and loved twice a day as her mother needs.

Lucy is a sweet, gentle girl who loves belly rubs, hugs and kisses, long walks in her neighborhood park, and play time in the snow. She really enjoys rolling in the snow, as evidenced by recent video we’ve shot of her. Very affectionate and inquisitive, she has the ability to charm her way into anyone’s heart with her big, soulful brown eyes.

She enjoys a dollop of Greek yogurt with every breakfast and occasional treats, and will do tricks to be rewarded with such awesome delights. It’s not uncommon for her to sit, stand, roll over or do just about anything! Lucy is very intelligent and eager to please.

We want to thank Lucy for her support as a client since the beginning. It’s been a joy to care for her and we look forward to seeing her again soon!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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