Uma has a “furever” home!

Jasper, Chris, me & Uma: the final family photo
Jasper, Chris, me & Uma: the final family photo

Our foster dog daughter, Uma, went to her AWESOME new “furever” home today! She will be living with two awesome moms and two cats, and she has a beautiful, large yard to enjoy!

We took our family photo (sans the cats–they didn’t really want to participate, lol) today, and I also got some the final play fight on video. I am certain Jasper will miss her but her adoptive home is only a few miles away from us, so I’m sure we’ll see her from time to time.

We are so happy that she found such a great home. She has been a joy in our lives and will no doubt be a joy for her new family, as they will be for she.

Fostering a dog has been a great experience; I’d like to encourage you to consider fostering a dog. It’s a great way to make another space for a dog in a shelter and really helps the adoption process, since you will get to know how the dog does in a home environment, and can help find a suitable match that you can educate to the nuances of the dog. You can also foster cats if you’re a cat person! There are many awesome local shelters and rescues that need fosters all the time. We foster for MaxFund, the only no-kill shelter in the city and county of Denver. Find out more about fostering with MaxFund here.

And now I leave you with the final play battle: Uma vs. Jasper. 😉

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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