Happy Easter – please don’t buy a bunny!

I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter and hope you are all enjoying the lovely spring weather!

I also want to remind anyone out there who may be tempted–DON’T BUY A BUNNY–at least, unless you’re willing to make a long-term commitment to care for it properly.

We live in a society where we get an impulse, think something is cute or a great idea at the time, and then dispose of it when the novelty wears off, far too often. Easter brings out the bunnies and we must remember that these are living, breathing creatures that need and deserve proper care and attention! Plus, they don’t always make the best gifts for children. Learn more about the reality from the House Rabbit Society.

Unless you are willing to make the commitment and have done your research about this pet option, go for a stuffed or chocolate bunny instead, please! Also remember there are plenty of rescues that also have rabbits for adoption, as opposed to buying ones in pet stores too. Check this list of places to adopt.

Thank you for allowing me my soapbox once again, and have a happy and safe Easter holiday weekend!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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