Meet our new foster daughter, Sofia!

Sofia has found her favorite spot in her new home--the corner of the couch!

I picked up our new foster daughter from MaxFund today, a sweet little Italian greyhound named Sofia!

Sofia was found on the busy intersection of Broadway and Evans in south-central Denver, so little is known about from where she came and how she ended up there. She is a very special girl: she is missing her front right leg, is quite elderly, and is on some simple medications for her later-in-life aches and pains. What makes her MOST special, though, is her sweet nature, soft temperament and very loving soul.

She has a Facebook page so please go visit her there, like and share the page so we can work to find her a forever home! She is available for adoption and while she is welcome to stay for as long as she needs, we’d love to see her find a permanent home that would give her everything she needs and more. Please contact me to set up a meet and greet with Sofia if you or someone you know is interested in potentially adopting her.

And thank you for letting others know about Sofia! Shelter dogs need advocates so I appreciate your willingness to share her story. 🙂

With much gratitude,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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