Special project Petchouli needs a home!


How can anyone resist this face?

Petchouli is a young, energetic and loving soul. She was relinquished to MaxFund as an even younger pup. Her previous owners got her as a very young puppy and then couldn’t take her with them to their home because, well, she got bigger–she is a Rottweiler mix, after all. To make matters worse, she hasn’t received much obedience training during these important, formative months, so she still jumps and nips like a little puppy. She doesn’t understand it’s not polite and it’s also something that can potentially hurt people, now that she’s a big girl. To her, it’s all fun and games.

While it’s true she needs some consistent training, she IS a real lover and VERY smart and capable! I have faith that the right home is out there for Petchouli. I have been able to get to know her over the last 10 weeks. I’ve been a MaxFund volunteer for a while now, so I’m no stranger to the dog and cat folk there, but I have gotten to know Petchouli in particular due to my mandatory volunteer hours through the program I am taking to be a certified dog trainer. Petchouli definitely benefited from these needed hours, and she gets further training from other volunteers and staff. She proves herself to be very capable of learning commands and is eager to please, perfect for training!

Petchouli has been my “special project,” I like to say. I am committed to helping find her the right home, whether it is as a foster or permanent member of the family. I’m putting out this blog post and more to try and find the right match for her. Are you someone who can help? Even if you can’t open your home, can you share this blog and see if it will lead to the right match?

She would do best in a home with adults who are active and want to take her out and play with her in appropriate ways, run with her, take her to parks and play dates, and be consistent with training and a loving environment. She adores playing with other dogs but I might be a little cautious about having her around cats.

I am also willing to provide as much advice and training services as possible and needed to whoever takes her in, no charge–just a continuation of helping her overcome her lack of confidence and develop basic obedience skills to shine like the true doggy star she is!

Shelters are anxious, scary environments. Even if Petchouli isn’t right for you, please consider other dogs or cats from shelters. They need us and are often the most loving and gracious of pets. They know they’ve been saved and are grateful, I am convinced!

Thank you for reading and sharing this. Anyone who can help, feel free to directly contact me!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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