Missing dog alert: Hawk

UPDATE: June 15 – Hawk has been captured safely via humane trap and will be returned to his owner! He is safe–yay! Thanks to everyone for their concern and help.

Hawk, close up

I am so bummed!

Hawk finally made it out of the MaxFund shelter into a loving, permanent home. Unfortunately, he has been missing since Tuesday morning. He got away from his new owner and bolted. Huskies are very fast dogs and not easy to catch; plus, Hawk can be a bit timid so he can be difficult to lure back.

He was lost at 64th and Pecos, near Gordon Lake. He was last seen moving west towards Federal Boulevard.

Hawk, full body

If you spot him, take care not to spook him. Very high-quality treats/food MAY entice him but as I have written, he is a bit timid. Don’t try to scare him and make him run further; please report your sighting to MaxFund at 303-595-4917, and to Mark 303-905-7498 or Kathy at 970-443-2213. You can even call 311 to reach animal control to report him. Please let animal control know he is a MaxFund dog and should be returned to them. We just want to make sure to get him back safely!

The area has spots of high traffic volume and I worry for his safety. Let’s all keep Hawk in our thoughts! Please spread the word so others can be on the lookout. I have share buttons on these blogs so you can post it to numerous networks. Also, I will post updates as comments and edits to this blog as they occur.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

6 thoughts on “Missing dog alert: Hawk

  1. I was just looking on the Maxfund site to see if he had been adopted. He was so unhappy in there. This poor dog, breaks my heart.

    1. Thanks, Danielle. No new sightings have been reported. At the time he was lost, he was on a retractable leash. Volunteers have been posting flyers. It’s a very industrial area, quite large. Hopefully he is staying safe. He is very thin so we hope he is not losing too much weight and can be found very soon.

  2. I loved spending time with Hawk at MaxFund. I suspect he touched many lives while there. Does he have a microchip?

  3. I’ve shared this notice with others and a few have commented that Hawk may try to head back to his previous home. Do you know which area the previous home is roughly?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not. I know he had been living on a ranch, so somewhere rural. I could bring this up to searchers; there is a party going out tonight comprised of MF volunteers and maybe one of them may know, or it could be of help. Thanks.

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