Uma is back!

You may remember our foster daughter, Uma, from previous posts.

Uma has a beautiful smile
Uma has a beautiful smile!

She had been adopted but was sadly returned about two weeks ago. After spending about a week in the shelter, she came back to our home as a foster.

Right now she is on mandatory bed rest, as her right leg is broken after an unfortunate tumble down stairs. This truly sucks for her, as she loves to run and play, and go for car rides. She loves playing with our son, Jasper, and they are not allowed to play, which is sad for them, as you can imagine! All he can do is lick her ears affectionately and wait patiently.

Her cast/splint has to be changed weekly. By the end of the month they will take new X-rays for her, that will be then reviewed by an orthopedic surgeon before determining her prognosis. We hope that she will be healed enough to resume a normal, fun life!

Of course, this all means Uma is available for adoption! Due to her leg, however, she cannot go for meet and greets at your home to see how she reacts and gets along with your pets, in your environment, etc. We will be happy to do them once she is healed, and answer questions in the meantime. Please contact me with any questions and I can provide more details to you. She is a sweet, loving companion and does have some special needs. Her ideal home would be a calm, quiet one with mature adults and possibly older children, and easygoing cats and/or dogs.

You can also connect with Uma on her Facebook page! And don’t forget her foster sister, Sofia!

Thank you for spreading the word about Uma–we are hoping to find her the right forever home this time!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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