Client spotlight: Fitz the Retriever mix

Fitz has a smile that will steal your heart!

Congratulations to Fitz, our Delightful Doggies May client spotlight!

Mr. Fitz is a very well-behaved retriever mix whose smile just melts your heart. He is yet another rescue dog in the Delightful Doggies fold, once again proving how many awesome dogs are available in our nation’s rescues, sanctuaries and shelters.

When Fitz gets a good strut going on during his walks, his ears bounce and his whole body seem to trot on air. He is a joy to walk because he is just so happy, and it’s easy because he knows basic commands and heels well.

A bit shy at first, he is a sensitive soul. It has been awesome getting to know him on our walks, since he is a relatively new client, and I’m looking forward to spending some overnight visits with him soon.

We’ve very much enjoyed exploring the trails around the Platte River together. His anticipation and excitement when I come to the door remind me how lucky I am to have the job I have! When you go to work and get greetings like this, you know you’re doing good in this world.

Many thanks to Fitz and his caretakers for allowing me to care for him in their absence!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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