Sofia has a new “furever” home!

Sofia and her adoptive mother, Faith
Sofia and her adoptive mother, Faith

My foster daughter, Sofia, found her new home recently and is now living with a wonderful couple, their greyhound and cat. She will have an awesome new house with her own large, decked-out crate, and lots of love.

I am so very happy for her and I will very much miss her! We have grown rather attached to the “little rat,” as we sometimes affectionately call her in my home. We’ve been blessed to get to know her over the past month and care for her. She has enjoyed our large dog beds, the crate with another awesome bed from a mutual friend of ours, the sun bathing our yard offers, all the food and treats we’ve bestowed upon her, and the love of not just me and my husband, but our adopted dog, Jasper, our two old cats, and our other foster daughter, Uma. We have been a big happy family together and her presence will definitely be missed.

We are so grateful to Faith, her new mother, for contacting us and taking time to think over the decision to adopt. Queen Sofia is quite old and has some health considerations, so she was in need of a very special and loving home. Faith was up for the challenge and took the responsibility very seriously. I would hope that every homeless dog and cat out there would be able to find someone as wonderful as her, and I am so thankful to her for her love and desire to open her heart and home to Ms. Sofia.

Bon voyage, sweet Sofia! We love you and wish you many happy times in your new home!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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