Client spotlight: hound sisters Keesha & Maggie Mae

Normally our client spotlight feature focuses on one dog, but this month it just had to be two. Hound sisters Keesha and Maggie Mae are both rescues living under the same roof, and I’ve had a great time getting to know them during overnight stays.

Maggie Mae and Keesha
Maggie Mae & Keesha

Maggie Mae is a beagle and Keesha is a coon hound mix. Both are extremely food and love motivated, and are very cuddly and sweet. They very much enjoy their bacon bones and excursions to the off-leash dog park at Chatfield State Park. My boy, Jasper, gets to go with them to the park, and he is extremely fond of Keesha. She plays hard to get. 😉

While both are getting older, they are still pretty frisky! They like to take their toys out into the yard and they enjoy a bit of romping around, going into play bows and showing their tummies for a good rub. Maggie Mae especially enjoys snuggling up in bed at night, while Keesha prefers to either be resting at the foot of the bed or in one of the dog beds. While her parents have tried getting her a larger sized bed, Keesha still seems to gravitate towards those that are actually smaller; she will roll into a ball and then over onto her back, her legs hanging out, completely relaxed this way!

A big thanks to Keesha, Maggie Mae and their parents for entrusting the care of their special girls to Delightful Doggies. They’re definite heart-stealers and we’re happy to oblige their desires (within some bit of reason)! 😉

Congratulations, Maggie Mae & Keesha for being the June 2012 Delightful Doggies client spotlight!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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