Help wanted

Help WantedDelightful Doggies has been fortunate to have grown successfully over the first six months of business! Now we’re on the lookout for a special contractor who can help us continue to build on this success.


  • Deliver a high quality level of care for all clients that is tailored to their unique individual needs including, but not limited to, feedings, watering, medications, walks, playtime and exercise, and cleanup of yards, litter boxes, fish and reptile tanks.
  • Provide house sitting and security services including, but not limited to, staying overnights in clients’ homes, gathering mail and newspapers, watering indoor and outdoor plants, taking out trash and recyclables, alternating lights and blinds, and making sure the indoor temperatures are appropriate for the well-being of the pets.
  • Provide daily logs of all visits that the owner will have upon return, as well as communication via email, phone and text about the status of pets as requested by the owner.
  • Reinforce desired behaviors for pets per the instructions of their owners and under the ethics guidelines of Delightful Doggies.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of pet clients through knowledge of their behavior and how to deal with problems as needed, including handling emergency situations properly and according to Delightful Doggies’ policies.
  • Provide ongoing communication with the owner of Delightful Doggies about all matters pertaining to clients.


  • A genuine love for all animals, regardless of age, species, breed, medical condition and behavior issues, and a dedication to their well-being and safety.
  • A high level of integrity, responsibility and professionalism.
  • An ability to be flexible in scheduling and be available for clients as needed.
  • Reliable transportation and ability to travel anywhere within the Delightful Doggies service area.
  • Ability to be on-time to all appointments and manage time wisely on appointments in order to meet all the client’s needs.
  • Communication skills and tools, i.e. smartphone or tablet computing device, that can be used to deliver on services and keep in touch with clients and the company, and the ability to follow-through on communications with clients and Delightful Doggies.
  • High level of organization and detail, and the ability to manage administrative tasks to fulfill on services.
  • Knowledge of animal behavior and health, and a dedication to never stop learning how to deliver the best care possible to clients.
  • Certification as a trainer, behaviorist or veterinary health care professional is highly desired, though not necessary as the right person with the right attitude can be trained.

Interested? Send me an email letting me know why you are interested and why you are the right person, and be sure to attach your resume and a references list of no fewer than five references. Applicants that do not submit a cover letter, resume and the required references will NOT be considered. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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