Client spotlight: Pearl the blue heeler mix

Pearl enjoys a nice walk in the park
Pearl enjoys a nice walk in the park

Congratulations to Pearl, a radiant gem of a dog who is our July client spotlight!

Pearl is a three-year-old blue heeler mix who enjoys long walks in the park, cool dips in the Lily Pond and getting belly rubs. She’s also adept at squirrel hunting and goose-stalking. A true herder, she would probably enjoy being off-leash to round up such creatures, but she is also luckily very obedient, eager to please and sweet, so she is content to watch and not pursue such chase activities!

When Pearl is especially happy on walks, she gets a good trot going, and she enjoys running as well, and hops when she’s running. She is of course very cute at this, in addition to everything else she does!

I have to admit a special connection with Pearl in the sense that I once had a blue heeler mix, and her mannerisms at times remind me of my dearly departed Soup. It’s been a real pleasure to spend time with Pearl while her mother is busy, and I am always grateful to clients for choosing me to care for their furry ones while they are away, busy at school or work, or in need of some help for other reasons.

Thank you for choosing Delightful Doggies for your walks, in-home pet care needs and training advice. Congratulations, Pearl, for being our July client spotlight! Enjoy your special treat–you deserve it! 🙂

Happy Summer,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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