Meet our new team member, Sarah Kelly

I am extremely pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Sarah Kelly to Delightful Doggies as a pet sitter and dog walker!

There has been unprecedented growth for the first year of my business, and I wasn’t sure how much business I would get when I launched in January. This has been a new venture for me and it’s been really exciting, as well as nerve-wracking at times! I spent the month of July figuring out my next steps, including the launch of training services and hiring some help.

Meet Sarah Kelly

I put out the word among my circle of family and friends, former coworkers and fellow volunteers, as well as on several job boards online. I got some awful responses, some interesting responses and some really qualified (and sometimes over-qualified) applications. From these, I culled a good handful of who I thought had the heart, guts and determination to live up to what I have tried to build as some of the best in-home pet care services available in south Denver. Sarah Kelly came out on top.

She came out on top because she has a great knowledge and skill set, a high level of personal integrity and responsibility, a good work ethic and positive attitude, and she has a lot of heart.

When I tell people what I do for a living, some of them seem to think it is all fun and an easy job. It is fun, that’s true, but it can be challenging at times, and it definitely takes a special person and a special trust in the business-client relationship to be able to make it work perfectly. You have to have a good heart and a genuine love for all the animals! Sarah will no doubt come out on top in delivering the best services possible as a member of the Delightful Doggies team, I am certain.

Sarah is available now for free meet and greets with current and new pet sitting/dog walking clients! Please contact us today about your needs and we’ll be happy to get started with you.

And you can also read more about Sarah in her bio here.

Thank you so much for your continued trust and support,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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