Client spotlight: Reg the Great Pyrenees & Reese the Australian Shepherd

Reg & Reese
Reg & Reese

September’s client spotlight belongs to yet another brother-and-sister duo! Congratulations, Reginald (aka Reg) the Great Pyrenees and his sister, Reese (aka Bug), the Australian Shepherd!

Reg and Reese are both very special rescue dogs whose mother is active in rescue. They’ve been clients ever since we launched, and have been great supporters of not only the business by being clients, but by recommending us to their friends and fellow workers in the rescue community. We are really grateful for all the support they’ve given us, in addition to all the love!

Reg is a goofy lover dog who really enjoys going to the dog park by which he lives, and going for long walks to sniff and search out potential bunnies for chase. He is true to his breed, being an independent and loyal defender when needed. Once his mother was confronted by a pair of not-so-nice dogs, and Reg was up for the challenge to keep her safe. We are happy nothing really bad happened and we admire his courage. But 99.99% of the time, Mr. Reginald is able to be his totally adorably cuddly and friendly, playful self!

Reese is a bit more reserved than Reginald, and it takes her a little more time to trust people. She had a negative past that she is still learning to overcome, but through the love and patience of her mother, she is happy to have a better life these days. She absolutely loves getting treats when we come back from walks, and is always able to take them gently and sweetly, and be loved whilst enjoying them. It is a real pleasure to give her love and help her become more trusting towards people and everyday life occurrences.

Both of these pups love Paw Benders from Good Times…their absolute favorite treat of all!

Thank you so much, Reg and Reese, and a big thank you to your mother too. We appreciate your business, support and friendship, and we also very much appreciate all the hard work and love your mother puts into rescue and that she rescued both of you!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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