Foster or adopt these dogs and get discounted services for them!

Hi friends,

There are three very special dogs down at the MaxFund Shelter who could really use a good home. I wanted to take the opportunity to write a post about them in hopes someone or some people out there would be open with their hearts and homes to foster–or better yet, adopt!–them.


The first is very Petchouli, who has had a very hard-knock life. After being born into a shelter, she was adopted by someone who maybe thought having a puppy was a good idea at the time, but then realized he didn’t have the time or energy to train and guide her into adulthood. She has since been relinquished and in the shelter ever since.

I met Petchouli and fell instantly in love with her. She’s a very gorgeous rottweiler/shepherd mix. I was busy putting in the required hours training for my dog trainer certification program at MaxFund, and she was a great candidate. We practiced all basic obedience cues together, as well as addressing some of her puppy mouthing/nipping, jumping and anxiety issues. Being in a shelter for so long, she hadn’t received the socialization she needed, and she was doing very well with training with me. She’s very intelligent and eager to please!


The second dog is Granby. Granby has spent a good few years now at MaxFund. He’s a handsome shar pei/lab mix with striking eyes. Sometimes when I look into his eyes, I feel a very deep soul is looking right back at me! Granby is also very trainable and has done several of the CHAMPS training sessions. (CHAMPS is a program where volunteers work with MaxFund dogs to provide basic obedience and problem solving training to make them more adoptable.)

Granby loves to play with other dogs, and he and Petchouli have been known to have their own fun together in play group time at MaxFund. He’s a very fun-loving guy. And how can you resist those sweet ears? He has a pair of the best ears around!

Brinx aka Briggs
Brinx aka Briggs

The third dog is a recent return to MaxFund. He had been adopted several years ago but is now back, and it’s been a hard thing for him to accept. His original name is the one he’s listed under right now with MaxFund, Brinx, though he is also known as Briggs.

Brinx is a very strong American bulldog, and his anxiety at being returned has made it a little difficult for some people to handle him. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Being part of a family and home, and then going back to a shelter cell…it would make anyone a bit scared and anxious! This guy really could use a second chance with someone–all of these dogs could!

All three of these dogs have had hard times, and all three need some extra-special loving care. If you are willing to take any of them in as a foster–or as hopefully an adopter!–we will be there to help you. We will offer a 10% discount on all training, walking and pet sitting services to anyone who will open their home to Petchouli, Granby or Brinx.

And if you can’t be someone who can take them in, please help us spread the word about these dogs and other shelter dogs. There are many people out there looking for a new pet, and we need to make sure they know there are awesome dogs waiting for us in shelters. Adoption saves lives. Please help us do the good work and tell others, and encourage them to tell others!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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