Happy National Dog Week!

September 24 – 30 of 2012 is National Dog Week!

National Dog Week was started 84 years ago, when Captain William Lewis Judy started the tradition. It began as not only a way to celebrate our canine companions, but to encourage responsible ownership (something we can really get behind!).

How will you be celebrating National Dog Week? If you aren’t sure, we have some ideas.

Foster or adopt a shelter dog.There are many dogs in our shelters and because of overpopulation, and as a result, an adoptable dog or cat is put down every eight seconds in our country, totaling four million a year. Consider making a huge difference in the life of a dog (or even a cat!) by fostering or adopting. We have some great suggestions here. 😀

Spay or neuter your dog. If you got a puppy earlier this year and haven’t done this yet, please do! As we’ve already discussed, pet overpopulation is a huge issue in our world, and not only will it make a difference in this regard, it will also make for a healthier, happier pet! Dogs that have been altered are far less likely to escape, roam and get hurt or hurt others, and it prevents reproductive organ cancers and disease. There are many low-cost spay/neuter programs and clinics, such as Spay Today, Neuter Now!

Go have some fun. Take a hike, go to the dog park, take extra-long walks, play games like fetch or hide-and-go seek, and go for a scenic fall drive. Whatever your pooch loves to do, indulge him and have fun together!

Learn something new. Whether it’s practicing basic obedience cues in fun ways or doing an agility class, pairing physical and mental stimulation to reinforce behaviors you want from your dog or teach awesome tricks is a great way to bond with your dog. Need some help getting started with training? Give us a call!

Pamper your dog. While it’s not good to let your dog get everything he wants all the time, there’s nothing wrong with giving him some extra love or special something to celebrate. There are lots of dog spas out there that can cater to your dog’s relaxation and grooming needs, or consider just giving him some yummy turkey on top of his kibble (after he sits for you). Massaging your dog or just giving him some extra cuddles might be a wonderful way to show him your appreciation in honor of National Dog Week.

Whatever you do, have a great time and be happy together!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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