Client spotlight: Marley the Weimaraner


Congratulations to our October client spotlight, Mr. Marley Manuel, the wonderful Weimaraner!

Marley has been a Delightful Doggies client since July, receiving daily walks two to three times a week, and overnight stays and drop-in visits as needed when his parents go out of town. He loves taking walks to the park, with frequent sniff breaks and occasional stops to meet other nice dogs in his neighborhood.

His other favorite activities include sunning (he will follow the sun’s path through his home to get optimum exposure throughout the day), receiving lots of rubs, enjoying Kongs stuffed with sweet potatoes and apples, and relaxing on the couch with his rabbit.

Marley is a wonderful, sweet guy whose expressive nature and cuddly demeanor make him a real pleasure to be around. He’s never afraid to let you forget that’s *his* part of the couch or you are late in giving out food or treats. 😉

He is also always ready to enjoy some massage and make a little room on the couch so you can cuddle up next to him and relax.

We love and appreciate Marley and his parents, and are happy to have them as part of the Delightful Doggies family. Thank you!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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