And the winner is…

Barley, aka “Stinker”

Congratulations to our 1st Annual Halloween Client Costume Contest winner, Barley!

Ms. Barley, aka The Little Stinker, blew the other competition away, and she will receive a special gift package valued at $70 to make her Halloween a special treat!

Barley is a retired service dog who enjoys the finer things in life, like sniffing fine smells and enjoying a lovely lunch followed by a stuffed Kong treat. She gives fabulous kisses and has some of the cutest feet ever, I do declare! Her little paws are very adorable and I enjoy kissing her little toes.

She cannot wait until the snow returns, as I witnessed her briefly roll in the small amount we received last week. The autumn leaves have also proved entertaining, bringing out her puppy side as she chases those lone leaves that fly across the sidewalk on our walks.

Thanks to Barley and all of our contest participants: Pearl as Snow White, Duke the shark and Reg the pumpkin. You can view all the entries in the official Facebook photo album here. We will have another contest next year so plan ahead and mark your calendars for more spooky fun in 2013!

Enjoy and be safe this Halloween,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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