Interested in retaining our services?

Our client, Fitz, thinks the new inquiry form is awesome!
Our client, Fitz, thinks the new inquiry form is awesome!

The holidays are fast approaching and no doubt we’ll be hearing from new clients who want to know if we are available and able to care for their pets. Today we have launched a new form to help us better serve new clients. By filling out this form we’ll be able to better determine our availability and complete a customized quote for you!

Our website is full with information and will be updated with even more information over the coming weeks to better help anyone with inquiries about our services, rates, policies and procedures. Currently we have:

  • About: Information about Delightful Doggies and what makes our services unique.
  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions about us, our services and what we do.
  • Our Professionals: Meet and get to know the Delightful Doggies team members!
  • Testimonials: Feedback from clients.
  • Contact: There is a link to the inquiry form here, as well as how to email and phone our owner, Laura, and links to our other websites like Facebook, YouTube, Yelp! reviews and Twitter (and more).
  • Services & Rates: All the services and rates are listed here, with links to individual pages about each type of service we offer.
  • Our Home Page is a blog system so we’re continually adding new blog posts that highlight our clients, provide education about and advocacy for our furry family members, highlight community events, and other special topics.

We’re always working to improve the websites we have so please feel free to provide feedback to us! We appreciate your opinions.

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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