Fosters & ferals are FREE!

At Delightful Doggies, we have a passion for rescue and advocacy of our furry friends.

My foster kid, Uma, is available for adoption!

Because of this, there is NO additional pet fee for dog walks or pet sitting visits for those who have a foster or feed community (feral) cats!

Base rates do apply if you have only one foster animal, but if you have more than that, or animals of your own mixed with fosters or community cats that you feed, these acts of kindness are being reciprocated by us with the waiving of additional pet fees for these special kids. Thank you for doing what you do!

We hope that if you have never fostered or given back to the homeless kitties in your community, that you will consider doing so. All the less fortunate need our help. I’ve been a foster with MaxFund for almost a year now. One dog, Sofia, was adopted by a great family, and I still have my Uma, pictured here in this blog. It’s great to be able to take in a dog, get them out of a shelter environment and work with them to integrate them in a home life so they can be more successfully adopted.

I’ve fed several ferals over the course of the year for clients. I really appreciate those of you who keep an eye out for these cats. Many of you also work to catch and then get these cats spayed and neutered, a highly commendable act! There is no charge for us to come feed your ferals when we visit your furry family.

Questions? Refer to our services & rates section of the website for more information about what we do. Submit an inquiry form if you’re ready to get more information or book us for your training, pet sitting and dog walking needs!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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