Client spotlight: Herbie & Indigo


Congratulations to our first cat-centric client spotlight: Herbie and Indigo!

Herbie and Indigo were both found by their mama, and so they are two very lucky kitties! She takes very good care of them. They get fresh wheat grass every day, and plenty of kibble and yummy wet food. Herbie has a penchant for chicken treats and he really loves belly rubs on the bed. He is a very talkative boy, and he has a lot of personality!


His sister, Indigo, is a bit more reserved. She enjoys hanging out in her crate in the walk-in closet, and will occasionally poke her head out to say hi. She also enjoys being on top of the kitchen cabinetry. Once she enjoyed watching me search for her while atop one of these perches. She certainly tricked me!

These two feline friends have been long-time clients at Delightful Doggies. Even though our company has a very dog-centric name, we do enjoy visits with our kitty folk. Herbie and Indigo are two of several cats on our client roster. We very much enjoy our talks and rubs with Herbie, and our one-on-one time with Indigo in her special spot. Thank you, Herbie and Indigo, and your mother, for choosing us as your sitters!

Thank you and congratulations!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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