Thanksgiving dinner and your dog

Thanksgiving dogsThanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, where we get to overindulge on our favorite comfort foods and spend time with family. While several of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes are safe treats for our pets, remember that everything is better in moderation!

Our post-dinner tummy aches can be settled with a few antacids and a nap on the couch, while our four-legged friend’s tummy can be much more sensitive. Even a small dog with an upset tummy can be very unpleasant and serious, so instead of feeding them from the table or making a plate for your dog, try filling their Kong or food puzzle toy with a few pieces of turkey, a drizzle of gravy and some sweet potatoes or a few green beans. This will keep them preoccupied for a while and they get to enjoy the festivities as well.

Boneless, skinless turkey is a good, healthy treat for your pet. The tryptophan in turkey can have the same calming and tiring effect that it has on us, on our pets. Cooked green beans, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes are also a safe healthy treat you can share with your pet. As you’re preparing your favorite side dishes, save a few of these veggies on the side before you add all the trimmings. If you have extra pumpkin or sweet potatoes (preferably without spices), try putting a few spoonfuls in with their regular food as a healthy treat. Pumpkin and sweet potato are a great source of fiber and have enzymes that can help with any upset stomach they may experience this holiday season. Cats also enjoy pumpkin so don’t forget about them!

There are also several things that are unsafe for your pets. The bacteria in raw turkey and raw eggs can be dangerous. Turkey bones (cooked and raw) are also dangerous because they splinter and can become lodged in your pet’s throat or digestive tract. Onions, onion powder, and spice combinations containing onions (like poultry seasoning) are toxic to dogs and can cause a dangerous form of anemia that can take days to detect. The same is true for fresh garlic. Sage and nutmeg are also unsafe for your pets. Minute amounts may not harm them but it’s best to ensure they get nothing like this. Make sure to leave your spice blends out of their reach! Large amounts of any spice can be dangerous. If you’re unsure if something is safe for your pet, don’t take the risk. Also make sure to ask guests not to leave plates with bones, or any left overs, in reach of your furry friends. Good management is always key during these busy holidays.

By remembering these rules, we can share all the yumminess of Thanksgiving with our furry friends.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Pet Sitter / Dog Walker, Delightful Doggies

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