A tribute to Buttons

(click for the tribute photo slideshow)

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my sweet little cat girl, Buttons.

She was a very sweet soul, and lived to a very old age, though exactly how old, I cannot say. We think at least 15, for that’s how many years I had her, and she was a young adult when I got her. The person who had her didn’t want her any more and had seriously neglected her. She was underweight and had many overgrown mats in her hair. I took her in as soon as I looked at her, leaving work at the downtown hotel where I was on the clock to run her to my Capitol Hill apartment, so she could eat and relax until I could come home and be with her.

She would greet me every day when I came home. She would curl up on my chest and purr, and was always most motivated by love and affection, rather than food or anything else. She was at most 5 pounds in her life–just a tiny ball of fluff that wanted to knead your lap and purr while getting chin and ear rubs.

I will sorely miss Buttons. Her last week was a tough one, with a sharp decline in her health as she succumbed to renal failure. We did all we could and couldn’t do more except give her one final moment of peace by allowing her to undergo euthanasia. Once the sedative was given, she was able to fully stretch like a cat should. Her final couple of years, she was losing strength in her back side, and couldn’t always move or stretch to the fullest as a cat wants–and should–and it was a relief to see her do this, to have this moment to finally fully stretch to her heart’s desire. She grabbed my hand with her front paws and squeezed. It broke my heart but I was also happy for her, and that we could at least give her this last moment of peace and share it together.

It’s truly a gift our animals give us, being in our lives, loving us unconditionally, even if there is pain in losing them. It is sheer agony and bliss, as is all of life. Today we are remembering Buttons with a heart full of pain, but even more full of love. RIP, sweet girl. We love you. We have put together a photo slideshow to remember all that was good we had together, and we will never forget you.
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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