Client spotlight: Bella the Dutch shepherd/blue heeler mix

Bella looking lovely on one of her daily walks
Bella looking lovely on one of her daily walks

Lovely Ms. Bella has been a daily walk client with Delightful Doggies since September. This six-month-old Dutch shepherd/blue heeler mix is growing fast on us, and we adore being able to watch her develop into a fine young lady!

A true nature girl, she loves diving her head into bushes and rolling in leaf piles. Hide-and-seek in the bushes doesn’t cease despite their falling leaves! She will relentlessly try to find cover to have fun playing this game. Hide-and-seek is so fun that she and Sarah now play it after each walk they have. Bella also enjoys playing with her Kong, tennis ball and stuffed teddy bear.

Bella is also an incredibly smart girl. You can’t use the usual tricks to fool her, and she provides Sarah good growth as a trainer by trying to stay one step ahead of her. 🙂

We really enjoy Bella and appreciate her parents entrusting us with her daily walk needs. Thank you for being a client of Delightful Doggies, and congratulations on being our December client spotlight!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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