Client spotlight: Tanner the Labrador retriever

Tanner sits and waits for a release to go on our walk
Tanner sits and waits for a release to go on our walk

Congratulations to our January client spotlight, Tanner the chocolate Labrador retriever!

Tanner is your typical, life-loving Labrador retriever. He enjoys the simple things in life: good food, long walks, good ear scratches and belly rubs, and probably most of all, a good ball with which to play fetch, as evidenced in this video!

Tanner enjoys as-needed drop-in pet sitting visits with us while his mother travels on business. Our routine always has fetch first, then a walk followed by good scratches and a fabulous meal. He practices manners by sitting before the ball gets thrown, sitting before entering/exiting doorways, and sitting at cross walks.

He’s a very vocal, expressive guy too, and will go for any and all chances to meet other people and pets. His fun-loving spirit is contagious, and no matter how hard or long a day may be, he always manages to get a smile out of you. It’s just impossible to be in a bad mood around Tanner!

We really appreciate the fun we have with Tanner, and his mother’s continued use of our services. Our clients entrust us with their loyal, wonderful pets, and we are honored to have this responsibility. Tanner is full of love and life, and we enjoy the time we have with him and all our clients!

Thank you, Tanner!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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