Value-added services

Jasper & I hope you enjoy our value-added services!
Jasper & I hope you enjoy our value-added services!

We at Delightful Doggies know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your dog training, pet sitting and dog walking needs. The pet industry is full of all sorts of providers and each is unique in its approach and offerings. I thought it would be good to take the time to discuss a little bit about what sets Delightful Doggies apart from other companies: our value-added services.

What are value-added services? Simply put, they’re services that are complimentary to our core services. While it’s true that you’re paying for our time to care for your pets during your absence, or to train them on cues during obedience sessions, there is still much more that you are getting!

  • Client Spotlight – Each month we choose a client spotlight from all of our clients, provided they have a photo release on file. These spotlights are a great way to highlight how many awesome clients we have and show our appreciation for them, and for your business. Each client spotlight gets its own blog, which goes out on our social media circuits, and a special personalized gift. We hope you enjoy not only receiving these, if you’re a spotlight, but that you enjoy seeing all the other clients and learning about their unique personalities and our time with them!
  • Client Photos – If you complete the photo release, we are able to take and send you photos of your pets, as well as post them on our Facebook feed and in our monthly client slideshows. In addition, each client gets their own Facebook photo album, so you can bookmark it and see all the photos we’ve ever taken. It’s a great way to remember all the great times we’ve had servicing your pets, as well as have your own cache of photos that will last forever!
  • Social Media – We’ve already discussed the client photos and Facebook feeds, but we also have presence on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr (which generates the actual monthly slideshows) and more. You can connect to us in so many ways using these tools, and a complete list of all our links can be found on our Contact page.
  • Professional Expertise – While our training services are separate from our pet sitting and dog walking services, there is an inherent value in having our company take care of your walking/sitting needs since both myself and Sarah are knowledgeable about training and positive reinforcement techniques. We also do not believe in dominance or correctional methods that are outdated and increasingly shown ineffective. We are happy to help you find the perfect balance and tailor our services to help you ensure your pets are well-treated and aren’t being reinforced for behaviors you do not desire. We’re also pet first aid / CPR certified and carry our own first aid equipment in case of emergencies. That’s some piece of mind!
  • Community Focus – We are very passionate about giving back to the community. I was motivated to become a certified trainer through being a shelter volunteer, and we are happy to offer no extra pet/dog charge to clients who have fosters in their homes or who feed ferals in their neighborhood. Rescued is our favorite breed, and we make donations in time, money and expertise to local shelters and rescues. You can feel good about supporting these efforts when you retain our services.
  • Client Referral Rewards – For every client you send our way, we will give you a $5 credit applicable to your own bookings. We appreciate the good word-of-mouth our clients provide to us, and this is our way to show our appreciation for recommending us to your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Informational Blog – This WordPress site is a great setup because I really enjoy being able to blog about our wonderful clients, share awesome updates about our business and write about all kinds of topics, from training to community events. We hope you find it just as informational and fun, and if you have topics you’d like to see us blog about, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you can see the added value of being a Delightful Doggies client, and if you have suggestions at any time, I welcome any and all feedback. We strive to offer the best dog training, dog walking and pet sitting services in metro Denver, and we rely on your feedback to help us improve and be even better.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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