January 2013 clients

It’s officially been a year since I launched Delightful Doggies!

During our first month of operations, January 2012, I had six human clients with 12 furry ones. This past January, Sarah and I helped train, walk and pet sit 50 furry ones with 28 respective humans. We now have client files for 79 humans and 155 furry ones. This growth has been amazing and I couldn’t have expected it if you had asked me when I first started! Thank you so much for your continued business and support, and word of mouth. I am grateful for your contributions in making Delightful Doggies such a success!

Click on the below icons to see a slideshow of all the wonderful times we had with our January clients. Don’t forget, you can always see more client photos on our Facebook photo albums!

Knuckles JuJu Bean Samantha Bella Tippy Chickadee Tuti Fitz Diesel Nula Tank Stray Emma Lily Bella Mugsy Brinleigh Margie Clyde Shane Mellie Morgan Duke Maddy Titus Gretel Tanner Lucy Chico Focus Elsie Miles Maggie Barley Byron Maggie Mae Keesha Marley Breck Ellie

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Bailey Rae the Bichon Frise, Tanner the Morkie, schnauzers Chester and Bailey, Jack Russell terriers Jack and Jill, dachshunds Sparky and Peanut, Heathcliff the Swiss Mountain Dog/border collie mix , and Hunter the shepherd mix.

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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