Client spotlight: Diesel & Nula

Diesel & Nula
Diesel (front) & Nula (back) want me to throw the ball!

Congratulations to our February client spotlight, Diesel the basset hound and his Aussie/dingo mix sister, Nula!

Diesel and Nula enjoy periodic drop-in pet sitting visits to take care of their walk, play and feeding routines while their parents are away. Both are very affectionate and playful once they get to know you, and Nula likes to give hugs and kisses, while Diesel really enjoys ear rubs and booty scratches.

They enjoy long, leisurely walks around their neighborhood and a close by park. Diesel is the stereotypical hound who loves to sniff and will definitely follow his nose! He’ll also occasionally bay at passers-by or strange, large vehicles. Nula also enjoys sniffing but she also very much enjoys rolling in some good grass, or snow! The snow is much fun for her.

Both are very happy to have a quick playtime after their walk and before their meals. Diesel enjoys being chased by Nula, who loves to herd. Sometimes, though, she would prefer playing with her ball or Frisbee. It can be pretty fun and rambunctious, and they enjoy catching their breath from all that play by getting lots of pets.

They are masters of the sit-stay before being released to eat, and will get cookies for being obedient before their visit is completed. These two are full of fun and life, and they’re very sweet and smart. Our visit times are always enjoyable and go by fast!

Congratulations, Diesel and Nula, and thank you for choosing Delightful Doggies for your pet sitting needs!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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