Help Team Delightful Doggies raise funds for MaxFund!

Uma is my special needs foster from MaxFund, and is our team mascot!
Uma is my special needs foster from MaxFund, and is our team mascot!

Sarah, Hayley and I, along with my husband, Chris, will be participating in the Lucky Mutt Strut on Saturday, May 11. This event is a fundraiser for MaxFund Animal Adoption Center.

MaxFund is a very important organization to me. I became a volunteer with them and started attending their CHAMPS classes, which pairs volunteers with dogs in the shelter to work on basic obedience and problem solving, to help increase their adopt-ability. Hayley is also highly involved in this program, helping oversee it and working as a trainer for the program. I was inspired by this to pursue my career path as a trainer, and if it wasn’t for my involvement as a volunteer, there would be no Delightful Doggies!

We have a goal to raise $1500 for the shelter but we need your help to make this happen! Please visit our fundraising page at Indiegogo, and make a donation. No amount is too great or small. If you can’t donate, please at least share this blog and our Indiegogo page so we can get other donations! Please share this as much as possible, as we have barely a month to make our goal.

Thank you in advance for your donations and for your work in spreading the word so we can meet (and hopefully exceed!) our goal. I’ll leave you with my video plea. Share the blog, share the Indiegogo page and share the video–you have many ways to help us get the word out! 🙂

Delightful Doggies

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