Client spotlight: Titus the German shepherd mix

Titus being his usual handsome, charming self
Titus being his usual handsome, charming self

Congratulations to our April client spotlight, Titus the German shepherd mix!

Titus, also affectionately known as Ty, is a very special rescue dog, adopted from MaxFund Animal Adoption Center by a very special mother. He had a rough start in life and she has opened her heart and home to him. She is a stellar example of a responsible, caring owner, taking time to ensure his needs by retaining our services and remaining committed to training to help him be the happiest dog he can be! We really appreciate her love and consistency in working with him.

Ty proves how wonderful the power of adoption can be. He is a loving companion for his mother and his story is particularly heartwarming to us. While it can take him a while to trust a person, once you gain that trust, you have a wonderful new friend! Ty is a joy on walks, playing in the snow and munching on grass a la salad bar. 😉 He also loves showing off for a good treat or two, and receiving belly rubs. With each passing day his ability to accept the world around him grows.

We appreciate Ty and his mother so much, and are so happy to be entrusted with his walk needs. Thank you for being our client!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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