April 2013 clients

We’ve had yet another incredible springtime month of sun and snow. It’s fun to watch your dogs romp in the snow, your kitties curl up on a warm bed, and your puppies in wonderment at all the new life that’s–well–springing!

Click on the below photo icons to take a look back at our April fun in a slideshow on Flickr, and don’t forget to join us for more photo fun on our Facebook page!

Gretel Fitz Barley Bella Bodie Ellie Willie Ruby Lily Emma Duke Reese Reg Lucy Lola May Titus Heathcliff Chubbs Porter Sadie Cosmo Leni Indigo Herbie Koda Ozar Focus Chico Elsie Zooey Roxy

Not pictured but still very appreciated: schnauzers Chester and Bailey, dachshunds Sparky and Peanut, Soda the shepherd mix, Holly the German shorthaired pointer, Mickey the Labrador retriever mix and Clyde the Labrador retriever / great Dane mix, Odie the Labrador retriever / golden retriever mix, Haas the German shepherd, and Sammy the boxer.

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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