Client spotlight: Tallie, Bella & Mocha

Tallie, Bella & Mocha looking adorable!
(L – R): Tallie, Bella & Mocha looking adorable!

Congratulations to our May client spotlight, sisters Tallie & Bella, and their cousin, Mocha!

Tallie the Yorkshire terrier and her cousin, Mocha the dachshund, have been clients since last June. Tallie’s sister, Bella the silky terrier, was added to the family this past October. All three enjoy hanging together, receiving drop-in pet sitting visits from Delightful Doggies, while their human families go on vacations and breaks together. We enjoy feeding them yummy treats from hand and providing loving, patient care to ensure they’re happy while their humans are gone!

Tallie and Bella are both rescues from the National Mill Dog Rescue, a wonderful organization based out of Colorado Springs. While they both had a rough start as puppy mill dogs, they couldn’t have asked for a better home to live out their remaining years! Their parents are such kind individuals who do their best to provide them a loving home. They are one of many clients we have who support rescue organizations/local shelters that do their best to make a difference.

While Tallie and Bella both can be very shy, they also have great moments of joy and unabashed fun! Bella is especially playful, responding to play bows and other ways of enticing any dog to play, and Ms. Tallie has been witnessed on many occasions losing her inhibitions rolling in the grass (as witnessed in this video)! Mocha enjoys sniffing in the grass and getting lots of rubs and treats. They are very sweet girls and we are appreciative their people entrust their care to us!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support as Delightful Doggies clients!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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