NEW Resources page

Whiskey says, Knowledge is power!
Whiskey says, Knowledge is power!

We just finished putting together a list of some of our favorite books, blogs, websites and more that have QUALITY information you can trust in the care and training for your dog all on our new Resources page!

We hope you’ll take a moment to look it over, visit the links that appeal to you and even purchase some of the books, or just bookmark a blog or article site or two.

We also hope you’ll help us in spreading the good word–sharing on Facebook, Google+ and more these types of resources so that we can help educate as many people as possible. There is so much bad information about there pertaining to outdated methods and techniques of training that can actually cause harm. We want to do our best to promote what is best and promote scientifically based, humane ways of training, communicating with and living beside our canine companions!

Check it all out here!

Thank you,
Delightful Doggies

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