Changes in service for 2014

I have a bittersweet announcement to make.

Delightful Doggies LogoEffective January, 2014, Delightful Doggies will be only offering training services, and limited amounts of pet sitting services, and no regular dog walk services. Team mates Sarah and Hayley will be starting their own business to take over the roster of clients they have been servicing to this end, and additional clients. I am happy to continue pet sitting for clients who have regularly used me; however, I will be doing this on a limited basis and only with advance notice, and I will not be providing holiday coverage for next year.

We will have more details on the transition in the near future, and will keep you informed about these details. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact any of us with any questions or concerns. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you. By December, Sarah and Hayley will be able to officially intake clients under their new company to continue uninterrupted service for current clients receiving walk/sitting services. The structure, rates and policies will remain the same as they were with Delightful Doggies. They will also be happy to begin the intake process for new clients.

As for Delightful Doggies, I anticipate restructuring services and rates, and offering more training services, to meet my professional goals: to provide the best-quality customized dog training services in Denver, as well as promote humane training, provide education and advocacy, and volunteer services and offer steeper discounts to rescues, shelters and the like. I have many big ideas and I’m excited to develop these and unveil them next year. There is nothing I have enjoyed more than bringing harmony to families’ lives by helping them better communicate with and understand their dogs. I’m hoping to take this to the next level, and have the time to pursue additional education and certifications as well.

I did not take this decision lightly. It has been a pleasure and honor to be a pet sitter and dog walker, and to oversee such operations. I will most certainly miss my interactions with you and your pets on this level. In order to do what I feel is my life calling, I cannot continue to oversee and run a pet sitting/dog walking service. It’s been a blessing to have created something that has grown so well, and I trust Sarah and Hayley completely in future success working with all of you to meet your service needs in this regard. It’s an amazing feeling to have built something they can now take, and excel in continuing. All the same, I will miss them and you, and I hope that, should you or anyone you know need training services, you will look to me for such assistance.

I appreciate your understanding as we go through this big change. I also apologize if it causes you any sort of anxiety or worry, for that is not my intention; it’s also to be expected, as I also have some nervousness about it! Just know, it is my intent and commitment to do whatever I can to make this as easy and positive as it can be. Sarah, Hayley and I have had such a wonderful experience together, with you, and we don’t expect that to change! It will just take a different form. 🙂

Thank you so much. It is an honor to be part of your and your pets’ lives.

All best,

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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