A thousand shades of grey

Regardless of the terms we use, i.e., “reactive” over “aggressive,” we still label our dogs and have expectations of them. Life is not black or white, or easy to place into boxes. The shades of grey concept Kay Laurence puts forth here is a good one. Remember it when you’re working with your dog. We’re all “reactive” creatures, remember… 🙂

Kay Laurence

The internet has proven to be as much of a blessing as a liability. My view leans towards the blessing but with an endorsement of: take care. Increasing knowledge must be viewed as a Good Thing. I have no doubt that clicker training would never have flourished so widely or so speedily without the internet. But as much as this is a good thing, the impact of YouTube has flourished some really bad techniques alongside some really good training. Telling the difference is the skill we need to share. That is nothing new, when presented with so much material enthusiastically wrapped in words of “expert” and “experienced”, be it on TV, books or the internet we have no idea if this expertise is just marketing, genuine expertise, or expert in their own opinion.

Skill sharing

The one skill I would like to focus our minds towards is the terminology or…

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