Client spotlight: Patrick, Magik & Trixie


Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Patrick the American staffordshire terrier and his cat brother and sister, Magik and Trixie!

Patrick is a charming, lovable guy who was rescued from a shelter by his mother, who has provided him with a lot of love and care that has seen him through many challenges, including a fight with cancer. Yes, Mr. Patrick is a cancer survivor and he is thriving! He enjoys all affection and really adores spending time with people, and his cat siblings. He is a great snuggler and enjoys leisurely walks, in addition to lounging on the couch. When he’s feeling more spunky, he takes advantage of his awesome yard to get great rolls in the grass, and he loves to use furniture like the couch to rub his cute little snout. It’s just too much cuteness!


Magik is a silly kitty boy who enjoys getting fresh food in the mornings and exploring the yard alongside Patrick. He is very talkative and enjoys rolling on the cement of the backyard patio to get a good scratch. Sunbathing is also an important part of Magik’s routine. Soaking in the sun is great to do both before and after a good belly scratch on the cement!


Trixie is a little more shy but once she opens up, she loves getting scratches on her hind end and eating freeze-dried chicken, yum! We have enjoyed getting her to open up more and enjoy our pet sitting visits while mom is out of town.

We appreciate Patrick, Magik and Trixie, and their mother, who is a great pet parent! Our clients are awesome people with big hearts and the love these three get from their mom is pretty inspirational. Thank you for being pet sitting clients with Delightful Doggies!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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