November 2013 clients

November was a very beautiful month once again; autumn colors mixed with just a few occasional moments of frost and snow. We very much enjoyed all this with your beloved pets. Thank you so much for allowing us to be your pet care provider!

To view a photo slideshow of our fun November moments, click on the below photo icons. You can also see all our client slideshow photos on our Flickr site, and don’t forget to join us for more photo fun, and other great content, on our Facebook page.

Patrick Magik Trixie Domingo Quixote Blue and Lucy Marley Willie and Mabel Cache and Boss Bodie Bourbon and Spy Dante and Pippin Fitz and Gretel Violet Willa Ruby and Willie Reg Reese Barley Harley Charlie Mandy Tanner Duke Whiskey Chubbs and Porter Sadie Saint

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Franklin the English bulldog; Ruby the Jack Russell terrier mix; Captain Pickles the corgi; schnauzers Chester and Bailey; Bowie the viszla; Maddie the cocker spaniel; Pippa the Great Pyrenees; Charlie the chow chow/Labrador retriever mix; Griffin the cattle dog mix; Murphy the Labrador retriever/boxer mix; Sophie the golden retriever; Chako the mixed breed; Gus the English bulldog; Addy the German shorthair pointer; Huxley the Labrador retriever; Tugboat the English bulldog; and Stella the husky.

Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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