Give a donation; get a discount on training!

Giving back to the community is an important value at Delightful Doggies. One of the pleasures I have being a dog trainer is being able to effect change I can see. Some clients will come to me, exasperated and confused about how to deal with certain problems or training goals, and I get such satisfaction from being able to give them the tools and coaching they need to make their lives with their dogs happier and more harmonious. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see them doing well, see the progress and hard work pay off, and celebrate with them.

ColoradoGives Day

Giving can happen in a more hands-on way, with your skills and knowledge given to another person or group of people, or you can also give so easily these days online! Making online donations can be a great way for people who may not be too busy or who feel more comfortable giving back in this way. ColoradoGives Day is an annual event/online donation portal where you can make an online donation to any listed charity/nonprofit of your choice.

The official day when donations are processed is December 10, but between now and then, you can schedule your online donation(s) for delivery in case you forget or don’t have time on the 10th. Click here to get a list of all the animal-related organizations (alphabetical), as you know we’re just a little biased about where we put our money! There are tons of options for all kinds of great causes so you can search by category or by name on their home page at

Giving is not only a gift for those who receive from you, but for your own self. It makes you feel good, even helping to boost your immunity and improve longevity. You also open yourself to receiving more from others, as the circle of giving is truly that: a circle. Everyone benefits! Don’t take just my word for it; check out this article on five ways giving is good for you and see that there is research that also points to all these benefits.

In fact, I’ll sweeten the deal. If you make a donation of $40 or greater through ColoradoGives (any organization), I will give you 10% off any training package! Just forward me your receipt and let me know you would like to schedule training; it’s just that simple and my way to show you my appreciation, and give back to you for your generosity.

Thank you and happy giving!

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