Client spotlight: Gretel the shepherd mix

Congratulations to our December client spotlight, Miss Gretel the shepherd mix!

Gretel's innocent face
Gretel’s innocent face

Gretel is fortunate to have a wonderful big brother, Fitz, who was profiled as a client spotlight in May 2012. He has been one of our longest-running dog walking/pet sitting clients. Gretel was adopted in January and has been in our fold ever since. She is also a proud graduate of our Delightful Doggy Finishing School.

Miss Gretel enjoys playing and is a pretty spunky girl. She has tons of energy and loves to chase and be chased. She and Fitz also enjoy occasional play dates with our head Delightful Doggy, Jasper, and though Jasper won’t admit it, he certainly has a crush on her! Nothing gets past Gretel–she is as smart as a whip and learns very quickly! She has happily kept her mothers on their toes. 😉

Fitz wasn’t quite sure what to think of Gretel at first, but as time has gone by, he has learned much from her and has proven to be a wonderful big brother. They love to play with each other and take nice, long walks. They may be different in many respects, but they are also very similar in their unconditional love and absolute adorableness!

Thank you so much, Gretel, for being a Delightful Doggies client and for you and your family’s loyalty over the last two years. We very much appreciate you and enjoy all our walks, overnight stays and training together! It’s also so great to look at the photo album you and your brother share, and see how you’ve grown in so many ways. Thank you!

Happy holidays,

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