December 2013 clients

December is a very busy and dynamic month, and this year it’s very bittersweet as the changes in services has taken place and some of our clients will continue with regular dog walks and pet sitting services through Kindred Canine, headed up by former Delightful Doggies team members, Hayley and Sarah.

While I am very sad to not have contact with some of you in the future, I am also very excited to be offering more training services and other new services like Off-leash Adventures and New Canine Companion Counseling! I hope to see you in 2014 for pet sitting as needed, as well. Contact me for more information about any services and I’ll be happy to provide answers to any of your questions.

Click on the below photo icons to look back on our fun this December. You can also see all our client slideshow photos on our Flickr site, and don’t forget to join us for more photo fun, and other great content, on our Facebook page. And don’t forget our 2013 video retrospective on YouTube! 🙂

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Addy the German shorthair pointer; Charlie the chow chow/Labrador retriever mix; Murphy the Labrador retriever/boxer mix; schnauzers Chester and Bailey; Bowie the viszla; Sophie the golden retriever; Chako the mixed breed; Pippa the Great Pyrenees; Gus the English bulldog; Stella the husky; Tugboat the English bulldog; and Oliver the Bernese mountain dog.

Happy New Year!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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