Now TAGteach certified

It is always my promise to you to learn as much as I can to be the best dog trainer and coach possible!primary_badge

Last weekend I achieved primary certification in TAGteach, a method based in behavioral analysis that helps me coach human clients using efficient positive reinforcement-based methods. By using a tag marker, I can provide effective feedback to help you achieve skills in working with your dog(s).

The seminar was led by Theresa McKeon, one of the TAGteach founders and a national-level gymnastics coach for more than 30 years. Theresa’s enthusiasm and feedback were invaluable. I’d had some struggles lately with the human element and being able to work through those alongside her and other participants to learn TAGteach methods really gave me a new perspective that has helped me gain more confidence and tools in achieving my professional goals.

Ana Melara, host (L), and Theresa McKeon (R) present my certificate
Ana Melara of Training with Grace, host (L), and Theresa McKeon (R) present my certificate

Using positive reinforcement methods with dogs is something in which I have become very well-versed, particularly in clicker training methods, which I use most often because of its effectiveness. I’ve never really thought of it as much when it comes to humans, but applying these same principles is just as magical! TAGteach was able to help me learn the nuances of how to break down instructions and establish a TAG or focus point for my human students, so they can achieve success. I tend to use a lot of words and talk a lot with human clients, but I’m now understanding the importance of silence with them as well as the dogs! I feel a lot more equipped and effective as a coach.

Want to learn more about my coaching techniques and how I can help you and your dog(s) achieve harmony in your home? Contact me to ask any questions and tell me more about you and your needs, and we can work together to meet your goals positively!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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