Client spotlight: Holly the golden retriever

Holly works on "leave it"
Holly works on “leave it”

Congratulations to our April client spotlight, Holly the golden retriever!

Holly is a sweet puppy whose parents want the very best for her, so they called up Delightful Doggies to ensure their training with her goes well and positively. She has been a stellar Day Training student, mastering skills quickly and enthusiastically.

Holly’s list of known cues includes touch, sit, down, stay, release, watch me, give it, take it, leave it and come. She’s also working on that leash thing, which is weird! 😉 Holly looks forward to training and is eager to please. In between training drills, she enjoys belly rubs and butt scratches, and she keeps her big brother, Saguaro, busy too! He has been enjoying her training sessions as well, since he always gets some good treats for doing sits and being patient as well. They are very sweet and smart kids!

Thank you, Holly, and your parents for allowing us to speed up your basic cues and manners training through our Day Training program! It’s been so much fun working with you and we look forward to seeing you grow, learn and thrive in your happy home!

Happy Training,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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