April 2014 clients

It was a very busy April! I’ve been behind on blogging because of it, so I’m hoping to have more blog content next month. Don’t forget that you can always submit your training-related questions to me for consideration as a blog topic!

It’s been a great pleasure to work with such awesome clients this past month. Your trust in me as a trainer and caretaker is very humbling, and your hard work, dedication and love for your pets is very inspiring! I am really proud of you and really appreciate the working relationship we share.

Watch our April slideshow by clicking on the below photo icons. You can also see all our client slideshow photos on our Flickr site, and don’t forget to join us for more photo fun, and other great content, on our Facebook page!

Holly Turtle and Oliver Watson Oliver, Winston and Henry Reg and Reese Iko Lola Patrick Keesha and Maggie Mae Samwise Nala Rigsby and Wallace Pablo Lupo Casper Basia Toonces and Puma Charlie Gemma Remington Noel Mowgli Teddy

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Annie the viszla mix; and Walter and Rio the mixed breeds.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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