Client spotlight: Lupo the border collie mix

Lupo loves to have fun!
Lupo loves to have fun!

Congratulations to our May client spotlight, Lupo the border collie mix!

Lupo has been a pet sitting client for almost a year now, and he’s always a lot of fun to take care of! His playful, curious nature is endearing, and his zeal for affection and fun makes him always a pleasure to see.

In addition to his fun-loving and affectionate nature, Lupo is a connoisseur of delicious tastes. He is always happy to taste-test new treats and give his opinion of, THIS TASTES VERY GOOD AND I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR MORE. šŸ™‚ Lupo finds food and play very motivating, and because he is so smart, he is very fun to work with on some basic training as we take walks or play in the yard.

I will also confess, Lupo reminds me a great deal of my dog who has since passed on, Soup, who was a border collie/blue heeler mix. His mannerisms and intelligence, coupled with his love of life, play and food, bring up some wonderful memories of my dearly departed girl. In that way, visits with him are especially wonderful and bittersweet.

Lupo, thank you so much for being such a wonderful joy to visit, and to your parents for entrusting your care to Delightful Doggies while you are away!

All best,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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