Client spotlight: Heidi the schnauzer

Congratulations to our June client spotlight, Heidi the miniature schnauzer!

Heidi practices down in her backyard
Heidi practices down in her backyard

Heidi is a lucky puppy; her parents know the importance of good training for her and themselves and have enrolled Heidi in coaching as well as regular day training sessions. This means I get to work with her one-on-one regularly on basic cues and manners training, as well as do coaching sessions with her parents present so they can learn about how to work with her, too, and address anything they would like to as she grows and develops. It’s inspiring to have clients like Heidi’s parents, who see the value in providing her the tools she needs to grow into a great adult companion.

It’s enjoyable to work with Heidi because she, like so many dogs, responds enthusiastically to clicker training and loves working for special treats, as well as toy and play rewards. As with any puppy, her attention span can be short, but by taking breaks to play some fun “catch me” games, we can still reinforce things we want (like coming to me by catching me!) and also enjoy some belly rubs to relax and refresh for more training drills. Also like other puppies, Heidi is quite the sponge, picking up on new skills rather quickly. Her confidence is also bolstered by positive reinforcement training. It’s a joy to be part of all this!

Thank you, Heidi, for being such a fun client and for your parent’s trust in Delightful Doggies to ensure you’re a happy, well-trained pup!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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